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Download Voices, the New Album from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Jason Kahn Now


Jason Kahn released a lot of albums last year, both solo and collaborative, but most surprising was the release of Songline (Editions) and For Voice (Conront). Both releases found Kahn solely employing extended vocal techniques. The former was recorded in a former Swisscom telephone relay station while the latter featured live concert recordings that took place in Canberra and Tokyo. Interestingly, both albums were presented without any post-recording editing.

Today, Kahn continues his trek into the world of extended vocal technique with the aptly titled Voices released on the Pan y Rosas Discos netlabel. The album was recorded in Melbourne last year and is a collaboration between Kahn and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang. Chang has released a handful of albums within the past few years, including a collaboration with Kevin Parks on Homophoni and one with Jin Sangtae and Park Seungjun on Eh? You can stream the first track from the album above. More information on the album and a download link for the full release can be found here.

Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jason Kahn, and Bryan Eubanks Embark on U.S. Tour

Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jason Kahn, and Bryan Eubanks are touring together throughout the United States for the next month. Their tour kicks off tomorrow in Seattle and the four will be making their way through sixteen different cities. Nakamura, Akiyama, and Kahn released Between Two earlier this year on Meenna. The three also released IHJ/Ftarri last year on Winds Measure. Intonema released the Kahn and Eubanks collaboration Drums Saxophone Electronics last year.

Note that on this tour, the four will be giving lectures while in Ohio and Alabama. They will also host a workshop at MATCH in Houston. Their concert at Crow With No Mouth in Minnesota will mark the final show for the venue for the foreseeable future. You can check out all the dates below.

Oct 30th - Seattle, WA at Good Shepherd Chapel
Oct 31st - Portland, OR at Disjecta *
Nov 1st - San Francisco, CA at the Center for New Music
Nov 3rd - Los Angeles, CA at REDCAT
Nov 4th/5th - Houston, TX at MATCH (concert & workshop)
Nov 6th - Austin, TX at First Street Studio
Nov 7th - Saint Paul, MN at Crow With No Mouth
Nov 8th - Chicago, IL at Constellation
Nov 9th - Oberlin, OH at Oberlin College and Conservatory (concert & lecture)
Nov 10th - Louisville, KY at Dreamland
Nov 11th - Tuscaloosa, AL at University of Alabama (concert & lecture)
Nov 12th - West Columbia, SC at if ART Gallery
Nov 13th - Richmond, VA at Black Iris Gallery
Nov 14th - Baltimore, MD at The Red Room
Nov 15th - Boston, MA at School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Nov 16th - New York, NY at Silent Barn ^

* with Derek Monypeny
^ with If, Bwana; Bob Bellerue/Marcia Bassett; and Ben Owen/Ed Bear

Jason Kahn Releases Double LP Songline

Jason Kahn has released his new album entitled Songline on his Editions label. This new record comprises recordings taken in Zürich and marks the first time Kahn has recorded and released pieces for solo vocals. The liner notes state that this recording was a challenge for him but was a thrilling experience all the same:

This was a challenge to myself, to go through these pieces as if I stood before an audience: no stopping, re-starting. To pull through. Which, in retrospect, was much more difficult than I'd anticipated, as when performing live the energy of the audience and the dynamics of the situation tend to propel me through a performance. There is adrenalin and a certain sense of urgency. All of which I didn't have going for me on the evening I recorded these pieces. I was alone in front of the microphones. I hit the record button and that was it.

You can read more information about the album, hear snippets from it, and purchase it here. Songline is limited to 250 copies on 180 gram vinyl and features hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard.

Stream New Albums from Jason Kahn & Tim Olive, Ryoko Akama & Bruno Duplant

After having released two excellent albums earlier this year, Notice Recordings have two more cassette releases available to stream and purchase. The first comes from Jason Kahn & Tim Olive and is entitled Fukuoka / Osaka. As with Kahn and Olive's Two Sunrise on 845 Audio last year, the music that makes up this release comes from live recordingsof concerts that took place in Japan. You can stream the entire album and purchase the cassette here.

Ryoko Akama and Bruno Duplant also have a new album out entitled immobilité. Akama and Duplant have worked together before—they had an album on Suppedaneum and one with Dominic Lash on Another Timbre, both from last year. The new record can be streamed and purchased here. Both of these new releases from Notice Recordings are limited to 100 cassettes each.