Hong Chulki and Lee Hangjun to Perform in Chicago, NYC, and Boston

Since 2006, musician Hong Chulki and filmmaker Lee Hangjun have been collaborating together as Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phonograph. In 2008, Balloon & Needle released a DVD featuring works from the duo. Starting next week, both artists will perform shows at Chicago, NYC, and Boston. The Chicago show will take place on January 23rd at The University of Chicago's Logan Center. The event is co-presented with Lampo and requires an RVSP (do so soon since space is limited). The NYC show will take place on January 25th at Issue Project Room while the Boston show will take place at Le Laboratoire Cambridge. The latter will also feature Youjin Moon and Retribution Body.

Hong Chulki and Lee Hangjun will be presenting two works at each show. Information for both pieces is as follows:


Film Walk

2012, 25 minutes

Film Walk replaces the perforations in the film stock with optical sound head. The perforations do not create images produced by the gate movement, but make ‘a hole a sound’ by the artist’s hand and his step speed with the numbers of sound coinciding with the length of time.


Phantom Schoolgirl Army

2013, 20 minutes

Phantom Schoolgirl Army is a powerful audiovisual performance based on a collection of military photographic portraits, and elaborates on the story of North Korean spies disguised as high school girls during the Yeosu-Suncheon rebellion of 1948. The South Korean government used this legend as anti-communist propaganda.

You can watch videos of both pieces being performed below. However, the Phantom Schoolgirl Army clip is of a show which featured Okkyung Lee and Giovanni Di Domenico instead of Hong Chulki. In related news, Hong Chulki and Will Guthrie are to appear on a future collaborative Erstwhile release.




Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phongraph tour:

Jan 23 - Chicago @ Logan Center
Jan 25 - NYC @ Issue Project Room
Jan 28 - Cambridge @ Le Laboratoire Cambridge


Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet Announce U.S. Tour Dates


Busman's Holiday, the new album from Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet, is currently available for purchase via Erstwhile. The six-track, 52-minute album follows The Abyss, their critically acclaimed double album from last year. In support of their new album, the two will be touring the midwest and east coast throughout the next few weeks, including a stop at AMPLIFY Festival this weekend. Jason Lescalleet also has a slew of solo dates, the first of which starts tomorrow in Easthampton. Earlier this week, Lescalleet released the newest volume of his This Is What I Do series. You can find the tour dates below.

Oct 30th - Easthampton, MA at Flywheel *
Oct 31st - New York, NY at Fridman Gallery (AMPLIFY Festival) ^
Nov 1st - New York, NY at Fridman Gallery (AMPLIFY Festival)
Nov 2nd - Richmond, VA at Auxiliary
Nov 3rd - Chapel Hill, NC at Nightlight &
Nov 4th - Richmond, VA at The Mammal Gallery
Nov 5th - Nashville, TN at Portland Brew #
Nov 6th - Lexington, KY at LexArts ArtsPlace
Nov 7th - Oberlin, OH at The Oberlin 'Sco
Nov 8th - TBA
Nov 9th - Minneapolis, MN at Secret Service @
Nov 10th - Iowa City, IA at The Mill
Nov 11th - Gambier, OH at The Horn Gallery
Nov 12th - Chicago, IL at Constellation !
Nov 13th - Columbus, OH at Double Happiness *
Nov 14th - Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class *^
Nov 15th - Buffalo, NY at Dreamland *
Nov 16th - Ithaca, NY at Sacred Root *
Nov 17th - Kingston, NY at BSP *%


* Jason Lescalleet solo
^ Jason Lescalleet & Olivia Block
& with Wolf Eyes, Housefire, and Patrick Gallagher
# with Harvest Team
@ with Grave Texture, Justin Meyers, Collin Gorman Weiland, and Family Planning
! with Brent Gutzeit
*^ Jason Lescalleet solo with Forest Management, Watchword, Witchbeam, and Bbob Drake
*% Jason Lescalleet solo with Arranged Marriage

Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jason Kahn, and Bryan Eubanks Embark on U.S. Tour

Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jason Kahn, and Bryan Eubanks are touring together throughout the United States for the next month. Their tour kicks off tomorrow in Seattle and the four will be making their way through sixteen different cities. Nakamura, Akiyama, and Kahn released Between Two earlier this year on Meenna. The three also released IHJ/Ftarri last year on Winds Measure. Intonema released the Kahn and Eubanks collaboration Drums Saxophone Electronics last year.

Note that on this tour, the four will be giving lectures while in Ohio and Alabama. They will also host a workshop at MATCH in Houston. Their concert at Crow With No Mouth in Minnesota will mark the final show for the venue for the foreseeable future. You can check out all the dates below.

Oct 30th - Seattle, WA at Good Shepherd Chapel
Oct 31st - Portland, OR at Disjecta *
Nov 1st - San Francisco, CA at the Center for New Music
Nov 3rd - Los Angeles, CA at REDCAT
Nov 4th/5th - Houston, TX at MATCH (concert & workshop)
Nov 6th - Austin, TX at First Street Studio
Nov 7th - Saint Paul, MN at Crow With No Mouth
Nov 8th - Chicago, IL at Constellation
Nov 9th - Oberlin, OH at Oberlin College and Conservatory (concert & lecture)
Nov 10th - Louisville, KY at Dreamland
Nov 11th - Tuscaloosa, AL at University of Alabama (concert & lecture)
Nov 12th - West Columbia, SC at if ART Gallery
Nov 13th - Richmond, VA at Black Iris Gallery
Nov 14th - Baltimore, MD at The Red Room
Nov 15th - Boston, MA at School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Nov 16th - New York, NY at Silent Barn ^

* with Derek Monypeny
^ with If, Bwana; Bob Bellerue/Marcia Bassett; and Ben Owen/Ed Bear