Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Download Voices, the New Album from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Jason Kahn Now


Jason Kahn released a lot of albums last year, both solo and collaborative, but most surprising was the release of Songline (Editions) and For Voice (Conront). Both releases found Kahn solely employing extended vocal techniques. The former was recorded in a former Swisscom telephone relay station while the latter featured live concert recordings that took place in Canberra and Tokyo. Interestingly, both albums were presented without any post-recording editing.

Today, Kahn continues his trek into the world of extended vocal technique with the aptly titled Voices released on the Pan y Rosas Discos netlabel. The album was recorded in Melbourne last year and is a collaboration between Kahn and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang. Chang has released a handful of albums within the past few years, including a collaboration with Kevin Parks on Homophoni and one with Jin Sangtae and Park Seungjun on Eh? You can stream the first track from the album above. More information on the album and a download link for the full release can be found here.