Jason Kahn Releases Double LP Songline

Jason Kahn has released his new album entitled Songline on his Editions label. This new record comprises recordings taken in Zürich and marks the first time Kahn has recorded and released pieces for solo vocals. The liner notes state that this recording was a challenge for him but was a thrilling experience all the same:

This was a challenge to myself, to go through these pieces as if I stood before an audience: no stopping, re-starting. To pull through. Which, in retrospect, was much more difficult than I'd anticipated, as when performing live the energy of the audience and the dynamics of the situation tend to propel me through a performance. There is adrenalin and a certain sense of urgency. All of which I didn't have going for me on the evening I recorded these pieces. I was alone in front of the microphones. I hit the record button and that was it.

You can read more information about the album, hear snippets from it, and purchase it here. Songline is limited to 250 copies on 180 gram vinyl and features hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard.