Tim Olive

845 Audio Release New Album from Tim Olive & Ben Owen


The Kobe-based and Tim Olive-run record label 845 Audio has just released their newest album and it's entitled 63-66. The album is a collaboration between Olive and Ben Owen and was recorded in Brooklyn back in 2014. 63-66 features four tracks that span a total of 55 minutes and was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. You can listen to an excerpt of the fourth track above. For further listening and purchasing information, visit the 845 Audio website here63-66 is also currently available via the Winds Measure's distro (US) here. You can find the tracklist and track lengths for 63-66 below.

63-66 tracklist:

1. 63 (20:35)
2. 64 (14:24)
3. 65 (6:14)
4. 66 (13:34)

Stream New Albums from Jason Kahn & Tim Olive, Ryoko Akama & Bruno Duplant

After having released two excellent albums earlier this year, Notice Recordings have two more cassette releases available to stream and purchase. The first comes from Jason Kahn & Tim Olive and is entitled Fukuoka / Osaka. As with Kahn and Olive's Two Sunrise on 845 Audio last year, the music that makes up this release comes from live recordingsof concerts that took place in Japan. You can stream the entire album and purchase the cassette here.

Ryoko Akama and Bruno Duplant also have a new album out entitled immobilité. Akama and Duplant have worked together before—they had an album on Suppedaneum and one with Dominic Lash on Another Timbre, both from last year. The new record can be streamed and purchased here. Both of these new releases from Notice Recordings are limited to 100 cassettes each.