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Glistening Examples Releases New Albums from Kate Carr and Luca Sigurtà

Glistening Examples Releases New Albums from Kate Carr and Luca Sigurtà

Glistening Examples has announced two new releases. Its first new release comes from Kate Carr, the person behind record label Flaming Pines, and it’s entitled the thing itself and not the myth. The album is comprised of sounds that were gather underwater, specifically "drones played by a synchronised swimming speaker broadcasting into a fjord, many spluttering radios, morse code, and geese." The album’s title comes from a poem by Adrienne Rich. You can stream the album and purchase it on its respective Bandcamp page here.

The second new album to come from Glistening Examples comes from Luca Sigurtà and is entitled Goddess. The album is “an homage to the actresses of old silent movies, assembled from tangles of homemade tape loops and washed with analog synths.” Each song’s title is consequently named after or references a silent film. You can stream the album above and purchase it on its respective Bandcamp page here.

Glistening Examples Releases Three New Albums from Tom White, Colin Andrew Sheffield, and Simon Whetham

Glistening Examples Releases Three New Albums from Tom White, Colin Andrew Sheffield, and Simon Whetham

Glistening Examples has released three new albums. The first comes from Tom White and is entitled Run Amok. The album features ten tracks that contain recordings sourced from an intervention that took place on Lanzarote, the volcanic island where Werner Herzog shot his film Even Dwarfs Started Small. The album is 40 minutes long across ten tracks. This marks the first time that White has released an album on Glistening Examples. You can stream the album above or purchase it via its Bandcamp page here.

The second album comes from Colin Andrew Sheffield. The album is entitled Repair Me Now. The album contains two tracks that are 23 minutes each and is comprised of "commercially available recordings” that were gifted to the artist by Sheffield's friend Matt Shoemaker, who passed away in 2017. Repair Me Now can be streamed above or purchased via its Bandcamp page here.

The third new album comes from Simon Whetham. It’s entitled Cal Y Canto and contains two tracks that run for a total of 41 minutes. The album was composed from performances that took place at the Tsonami Festival in Chile this past December. You can stream the album above or purchase it via its Bandcamp page here. All three albums mark the first time that these artists have released something on Glistening Examples.

Glistening Examples Release Three New Albums

Glistening Examples Release Three New Albums

Glistening Example has released a new batch of records. The first comes from Hardworking Families and is entitled Emergency Window. The album contains five tracks which feature field recordings taken in numerous locations including Krakow, London, and Berlin. Its first track is a realization of a score by James Saunders. You can download and purchase the album here.

The second new album to come out from Glistening Examples is from Matthew Azevedo under his Retribution Body name. The album is called Self Destruction and is comprised of expansive, long-form drone pieces. You can download and purchase the album here.

The final album to be released from Glistening Examples is a reissue of a limited 2017 tour cassette from Jason Lescalleet. The album is entitled Almost Is Almost Good Enough. This reissue features a bonus track that was taken from a live recording in June 2017. You can download and purchase the album here.

Jason Lescalleet Releases 20th Volume of This Is What I Do Series

Jason Lescalleet Releases 20th Volume of <i>This Is What I Do</i> Series

Jason Lescalleet has released the 20th edition of his This Is What I Do series. The album features sixteen tracks that total up to approximately 36 minutes. You can listen to tracks from the album above. On the occasion of Lescalleet's birthday (today!), you can purchase a digital copy of the album for $5.11 starting today and through this weekend. You can do just that on the Glistening Examples Bandcamp page here. As with most covers in the series, Volume 20 makes reference to a classic record. In this case it's Germs's (GI). The track titles play on those from the Germs album.

New Albums from Caroline Park and Taneli Viljanen Out Now on Glistening Examples


Glistening Examples released two albums last week. The first comes from the Vancouver-based Caroline Park and is entitled Live Your Best Factory Life. The album is said to deal with the "tensions that persist: physical frictions, muscles trying, and the body that continues to labor to survive." You can find more information and listen to the album via the Bandcamp page here.

The other album released last was Taneli Viljanen's Metallisilmä, Haaksirikko. Viljanen hails from Finland and their album is "an assemblage created out of many disparate and heterogenous sound sources." You can find more information and listen to the album via the Bandcamp page here. Viljanen released three tapes on Pai throughout the past few years.

Earlier this year, Glistening Examples released an album from Thomas Tilly as well as the 19th volume of Jason Lescalleet's This Is What I Do series.

Stream New Albums From Ben Gwilliam and Richard Francis

Along with Marc Baron's Carnets, Glistening Examples has just released two new albums that can be purchased now both digitally and physically on CD. The first comes from Ben Gwilliam and is entitled Vestibül. Gwilliam had previously released albums on labels such as Consumer Waste, Entr'acte, and Mantile. This is his first for Glistening Examples. Gwilliam had this to say about the album:

Vestibül was conceived as a short series of listening studies in 2010 as my interest in the materials in my work was shifting towards the physical properties of sound media and the ensuing relationship between sound and image making. 

Recording took place over one week in early january 2011, working closely with NurNichtNur producer Berserker at his recording studio, several tape machines were sequentially recorded in solo and in arrangements. The same approach was made with other magnetic systems I employ producing something that was mixed in sections on an analogue system. 

Having had a break from the project after 4 years, I attempted to finish the work in late 2014, having had the dust settle on changes, thoughts and attitudes on sound. As I have shifted towards process even further, (to my ears) Vestibül bookends a body of work that has lead my music into new territories

The second new album comes from Auckland-based sound artist Richard Francis. The album was recorded between 2013 and 2015 and is entitled Combinations 2. Giuseppe Ielasi handled the mastering. You can stream both Vestibül and Combinations 2 in their entirety above or at Bandcamp here and here, respectively.

Glistening Examples Release Marc Baron's Carnets


Last year, Marc Baron released the incredible Hidden Tapes on Potlatch. Today, Glistening Examples has released its follow-up and it's entitled Carnets. You can hear album opener "2014" above. The press release for the album is as follows:

Just as Marc Baron's widely lauded 2014 CD Hidden Tapes marked a turn from saxophone improvisation to an embrace of what the Potlatch label referred to as "music for speakers" or, more elegantly, "sound diffusion," Carnets is not only another leap forward, but could easily be considered Marc Baron's masterpiece.
Carnets is a dynamic interplay of degraded magnetic tape and unsettlingly normal everyday recordings dating back to Baron's childhood, showcasing Baron's deftness in crafting compositions that leave the listener with more questions than answers. Attempts to pin down his methods are forestalled at every turn by the abstract yet suggestive nature of the pieces. Personal memories become a platform for a series of inscrutable, elegantly arranged compositions. Baron's misused tapes carry evocative resonances that linger hauntingly in the mind of the listener, begging to be heard again.
This record is the analog debut for Marc Baron, and his hand-constructed audio works sound completely alive on this vinyl pressing mastered by Jason Lescalleet. Each slab of 150-gram vinyl comes in a special black poly-lined dust sleeve inside a 300-gsm white-on-white art board, all lovingly protected by a polyvinyl bag. The front cover bears a striking photograph of a sculpture by French artist Loïc Blairon, something very intimate and personal for Marc Baron.  This album is truly something very special.

For those in Europe, Carnets will be available from Metamkine shortly and is currently available for pre-order from Penultimate Press. If you live in the U.S., you can purchase the record now from Forced Exposure. There are also limited edition versions of the record pressed on clear vinyl. You can purchase these from the Glistening Examples store. 30 such copies can also be purchased with a high quality print of Loïc Blairon's sculpture, signed by Loïc Blairon and Marc Baron himself. You can read more information here. The tracklist for Carnets is below.

Carnets tracklist:

1. 2014
2. 2008-2013
3. 1965-2015
4. 2015-Pastiche (le style n'est rien)

Hear Field Recordings of Finland in Jason Lescalleet's New This Is What I Do Release


Jason Lescalleet embarked on a short tour to Finland a couple weeks ago. And while there, he took field recordings in Helsinki, Turku, and Pori. These have been assembled into the newest volume of his This Is What I Do series and can be streamed above or on the Glistening Examples bandcamp page. There, you can purchase a digital copy of the album or snag the limited edition CD. Since his previous releases had covers that referenced other works (DJ Screw, Jon Hassell, John Martyn), I did a quick google reverse image search and it turns out the same silhouettes appear on the cover of this Finnish rock compilation.

In related news, Jason Lescalleet and Kevin Drumm will release their new collaborative work in late October through Erstwhile. It's entitled Busman's Holiday and you can see the cover for that below. Lescalleet will also be performing with Graham Lambkin on October 10th at the 3S Artspace. More information about the show can be found here.