Jason Lescalleet Releases 20th Volume of This Is What I Do Series


Jason Lescalleet has released the 20th edition of his This Is What I Do series. The album features sixteen tracks that total up to approximately 36 minutes. You can listen to tracks from the album above. On the occasion of Lescalleet's birthday (today!), you can purchase a digital copy of the album for $5.11 starting today and through this weekend. You can do just that on the Glistening Examples Bandcamp page here. As with most covers in the series, Volume 20 makes reference to a classic record. In this case it's Germs's (GI). The track titles play on those from the Germs album.

This Is What I Do, Volume 20 tracklist:

1. Secret Track
2. Miscue My Tones
3. On A Forestland
4. Dagger Crime
5. Strange Notes
6. American Leather
7. The Details
8. Animal Kingdom
9. My Way
10. We Are Still Bleeding
11. Timid Blaze
12. The Other Newest One
13. Let's Pretend Everything Is Perfect
14. Anglo Dryad
15. The Salve
16. Main Shut Down (Maine mix)