Glistening Examples Releases Three New Albums from Tom White, Colin Andrew Sheffield, and Simon Whetham

Glistening Examples has released three new albums. The first comes from Tom White and is entitled Run Amok. The album features ten tracks that contain recordings sourced from an intervention that took place on Lanzarote, the volcanic island where Werner Herzog shot his film Even Dwarfs Started Small. The album is 40 minutes long across ten tracks. This marks the first time that White has released an album on Glistening Examples. You can stream the album above or purchase it via its Bandcamp page here.

The second album comes from Colin Andrew Sheffield. The album is entitled Repair Me Now. The album contains two tracks that are 23 minutes each and is comprised of "commercially available recordings” that were gifted to the artist by Sheffield's friend Matt Shoemaker, who passed away in 2017. Repair Me Now can be streamed above or purchased via its Bandcamp page here.

The third new album comes from Simon Whetham. It’s entitled Cal y Canto and contains two tracks that run for a total of 41 minutes. The album was composed from performances that took place at the Tsonami Festival in Chile this past December. You can stream the album above or purchase it via its Bandcamp page here. All three albums mark the first time that these artists have released something on Glistening Examples.

Run Amok tracklist:

1. Run Amok
2. An Incident at the Visitor Centre
3. Wind and the Institution
4. Del Rio
5. Tyre Roll
6. José Garcia Martins Garden
7. No Stable Perspective
8. Old Man With Medals
9. Deep Ravine
10. Endless Rotations

Repair Me Now tracklist:

1. Repair Me Now 1
2. Repair Me Now 2

Cal y Canto tracklist:

1. Cal y Canto
2. Terminus