Glistening Examples Releases New Albums from Kate Carr and Luca Sigurtà

Glistening Examples has announced two new releases. Its first new release comes from Kate Carr, the person behind record label Flaming Pines, and it’s entitled the thing itself and not the myth. The album is comprised of sounds that were gather underwater, specifically "drones played by a synchronised swimming speaker broadcasting into a fjord, many spluttering radios, morse code, and geese." The album’s title comes from a poem by Adrienne Rich. You can stream the album and purchase it on its respective Bandcamp page here.

The second new album to come from Glistening Examples comes from Luca Sigurtà and is entitled Goddess. The album is “an homage to the actresses of old silent movies, assembled from tangles of homemade tape loops and washed with analog synths.” Each song’s title is consequently named after or references a silent film. You can stream the album above and purchase it on its respective Bandcamp page here.

the thing itself and not the myth tracklist:
1. gale
2. there is noone to tell me when the ocean will begin
3. The ladder is always there
4. I came to see the damage that was done
5. vibrations
6. the half-destroyed instruments
7. by cowardice or courage
8. nesting on a frozen lake
9. the ribs of the disaster

Goddess tracklist:
1. Peekaboo Bang
2. Hangover Square
3. Wrong Room
4. Till the Clouds Roll By
5. Hold Back the Dawn
6. Empty Saddies