Richard Francis

Stream New Albums From Ben Gwilliam and Richard Francis

Along with Marc Baron's Carnets, Glistening Examples has just released two new albums that can be purchased now both digitally and physically on CD. The first comes from Ben Gwilliam and is entitled Vestibül. Gwilliam had previously released albums on labels such as Consumer Waste, Entr'acte, and Mantile. This is his first for Glistening Examples. Gwilliam had this to say about the album:

Vestibül was conceived as a short series of listening studies in 2010 as my interest in the materials in my work was shifting towards the physical properties of sound media and the ensuing relationship between sound and image making. 

Recording took place over one week in early january 2011, working closely with NurNichtNur producer Berserker at his recording studio, several tape machines were sequentially recorded in solo and in arrangements. The same approach was made with other magnetic systems I employ producing something that was mixed in sections on an analogue system. 

Having had a break from the project after 4 years, I attempted to finish the work in late 2014, having had the dust settle on changes, thoughts and attitudes on sound. As I have shifted towards process even further, (to my ears) Vestibül bookends a body of work that has lead my music into new territories

The second new album comes from Auckland-based sound artist Richard Francis. The album was recorded between 2013 and 2015 and is entitled Combinations 2. Giuseppe Ielasi handled the mastering. You can stream both Vestibül and Combinations 2 in their entirety above or at Bandcamp here and here, respectively.