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Glistening Examples Release Three New Albums

Glistening Examples Release Three New Albums

Glistening Example has released a new batch of records. The first comes from Hardworking Families and is entitled Emergency Window. The album contains five tracks which feature field recordings taken in numerous locations including Krakow, London, and Berlin. Its first track is a realization of a score by James Saunders. You can download and purchase the album here.

The second new album to come out from Glistening Examples is from Matthew Azevedo under his Retribution Body name. The album is called Self Destruction and is comprised of expansive, long-form drone pieces. You can download and purchase the album here.

The final album to be released from Glistening Examples is a reissue of a limited 2017 tour cassette from Jason Lescalleet. The album is entitled Almost Is Almost Good Enough. This reissue features a bonus track that was taken from a live recording in June 2017. You can download and purchase the album here.

Jason Lescalleet Releases 20th Volume of This Is What I Do Series

Jason Lescalleet Releases 20th Volume of <i>This Is What I Do</i> Series

Jason Lescalleet has released the 20th edition of his This Is What I Do series. The album features sixteen tracks that total up to approximately 36 minutes. You can listen to tracks from the album above. On the occasion of Lescalleet's birthday (today!), you can purchase a digital copy of the album for $5.11 starting today and through this weekend. You can do just that on the Glistening Examples Bandcamp page here. As with most covers in the series, Volume 20 makes reference to a classic record. In this case it's Germs's (GI). The track titles play on those from the Germs album.

Over 200 Record Labels and Artists Join Bandcamp in Donating Today's Profits to Transgender Law Center


Today, music streaming platform Bandcamp will donate 100% of their profits to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting for change in laws and policies that discriminate against transgender and gender nonconforming people. Bandcamp is joined by over 200 record labels and artists who will also donate all profits made today to the TLC.

Some artists and record labels have uploaded unreleased music to the website as a result. This includes the release of "Joy Boy" by Julius Eastman from Frozen Reeds. The song was performed live at the same concert that featured "Femenine". Sarah Hennies has also released "Knees", a composition that utilizes empty beer kegs and a vibraphone. Jason Lescalleet has uploaded the aptly titled August 4th to the Glistening Examples page. As a note, this EP will only be up for today. And Liz Harris aka Grouper has also released "Children", a song that was written during the same sessions that produced Ruins.

You can view a complete list of all participating artists and record labels here. This benefit ends at midnight, pacific time.

Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet Announce U.S. Tour Dates


Busman's Holiday, the new album from Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet, is currently available for purchase via Erstwhile. The six-track, 52-minute album follows The Abyss, their critically acclaimed double album from last year. In support of their new album, the two will be touring the midwest and east coast throughout the next few weeks, including a stop at AMPLIFY Festival this weekend. Jason Lescalleet also has a slew of solo dates, the first of which starts tomorrow in Easthampton. Earlier this week, Lescalleet released the newest volume of his This Is What I Do series. You can find the tour dates below.

Oct 30th - Easthampton, MA at Flywheel *
Oct 31st - New York, NY at Fridman Gallery (AMPLIFY Festival) ^
Nov 1st - New York, NY at Fridman Gallery (AMPLIFY Festival)
Nov 2nd - Richmond, VA at Auxiliary
Nov 3rd - Chapel Hill, NC at Nightlight &
Nov 4th - Richmond, VA at The Mammal Gallery
Nov 5th - Nashville, TN at Portland Brew #
Nov 6th - Lexington, KY at LexArts ArtsPlace
Nov 7th - Oberlin, OH at The Oberlin 'Sco
Nov 8th - TBA
Nov 9th - Minneapolis, MN at Secret Service @
Nov 10th - Iowa City, IA at The Mill
Nov 11th - Gambier, OH at The Horn Gallery
Nov 12th - Chicago, IL at Constellation !
Nov 13th - Columbus, OH at Double Happiness *
Nov 14th - Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class *^
Nov 15th - Buffalo, NY at Dreamland *
Nov 16th - Ithaca, NY at Sacred Root *
Nov 17th - Kingston, NY at BSP *%


* Jason Lescalleet solo
^ Jason Lescalleet & Olivia Block
& with Wolf Eyes, Housefire, and Patrick Gallagher
# with Harvest Team
@ with Grave Texture, Justin Meyers, Collin Gorman Weiland, and Family Planning
! with Brent Gutzeit
*^ Jason Lescalleet solo with Forest Management, Watchword, Witchbeam, and Bbob Drake
*% Jason Lescalleet solo with Arranged Marriage

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Utah Kawasaki's Amorphous Spores & Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet's Busman's Holiday Out Now

To solidify itself even further as the best record label of the year, Erstwhile Records has just released two new albums. The first comes from Takahiro Kawaguchi and Utah Kawasaki and is entitled Amorphous Spores. This marks the second time Kawaguchi has appeared on Erstwhile. His first appearance was n 2011 when he collaborated with Taku Unami on Teatro Assente. This is, however, Kawasaki's first time on the label. Kawasaki released the charming U as in Utah last year with Ju Sei.

The second new album comes from Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet and is entitled Busman's Holiday. This is a follow up to The Abyss, the ambitious double album they released last year on Erstwhile. The album has 6 tracks and is about 52 minutes long. The album covers for both Amorphous Spores and Busman's Holiday are above.

You can pre-order both albums now by contacting label owner Jon Abbey at erstrecs@aol.com. Pre-ordering Amorphous Spores comes with an immediate digital download (note: it's .wav files). Busman's Holiday, however, needs to reach 100 pre-orders before digital copies will be given out. Tracklists for both albums are below.


Amorphous Spores tracklist:

1. 12:32
2. 10:59
3. 4:17
4. 10:01
5. 5:20

Busman's Holiday tracklist:

1. The Hunt
2. Powerless
3. The Wait
4. The Push
5. Belligerence
6. Honest Toil

Hear Field Recordings of Finland in Jason Lescalleet's New This Is What I Do Release


Jason Lescalleet embarked on a short tour to Finland a couple weeks ago. And while there, he took field recordings in Helsinki, Turku, and Pori. These have been assembled into the newest volume of his This Is What I Do series and can be streamed above or on the Glistening Examples bandcamp page. There, you can purchase a digital copy of the album or snag the limited edition CD. Since his previous releases had covers that referenced other works (DJ Screw, Jon Hassell, John Martyn), I did a quick google reverse image search and it turns out the same silhouettes appear on the cover of this Finnish rock compilation.

In related news, Jason Lescalleet and Kevin Drumm will release their new collaborative work in late October through Erstwhile. It's entitled Busman's Holiday and you can see the cover for that below. Lescalleet will also be performing with Graham Lambkin on October 10th at the 3S Artspace. More information about the show can be found here.

Jason Lescalleet Embarks on Short Tour in Finland, Releases Tour-Only Cassette

Jason Lescalleet will be in Finland this week to perform three shows and give a lecture. He will have an exclusive cassette released on Pai entitled My Machine available at those dates. Keep an eye on the label's bandcamp page for more information and the possibility of purchasing the cassette after the shows.

September 16 - Tenaji von Fersen in Suomenlinna, Helsinki
September 17 - Lecture at Helsinki Music Centre
September 19 - Sibeliusmuseum in Turku
September 20 - Validi Sekmentti in Pori