Glistening Examples Release Three New Albums


Glistening Example has released a new batch of records. The first comes from Hardworking Families and is entitled Emergency Window. The album contains five tracks which feature field recordings taken in numerous locations including Krakow, London, and Berlin. Its first track is a realization of a score by James Saunders. You can download and purchase the album here.

The second new album to come out from Glistening Examples is from Matthew Azevedo under his Retribution Body name. The album is called Self Destruction and is comprised of expansive, long-form drone pieces. You can download and purchase the album here.

The final album to be released from Glistening Examples is a reissue of a limited 2017 tour cassette from Jason Lescalleet. The album is entitled Almost Is Almost Good Enough. This reissue features a bonus track that was taken from a live recording in June 2017. You can download and purchase the album here. Tracklists for all three albums can be seen below.

Emergency Window tracklist:

1. various distinct spatial or temporal locations
2. Cutting Through Air With An Electric Knife
3. Emergency Window
4. E 580 20
5. You're Too Late

Self Destruction tracklist:

1. Self
2. Delusion
3. Destruction

Almost Is Almost Good Enough tracklist:

1. The Grind (Organ Music #4)
2. Flywheel (2004)
3. Every Room Is Different
4. This Is Not The End
5. In My Time of Dying It's Nobody's Fault but Mine