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Gravity Wave Announces New 5-CD Michael Pisaro Box Set

Gravity Wave Announces New 5-CD Michael Pisaro Box Set

Gravity Wave has announced a new 5-CD Michael Pisaro Box Set. It’s entitled Nature Denatured and Found Again and is projected to be released early next year. The box set’s five CDs will all be 48 minutes in length and features a slew of performers. The description for the album is as follows:

The piece is derived from field recordings made along the Grosse Mühl River, Neufelden, Austria, from 2011 to 2015 (during the flussaufwärts project created by Joachim Eckl, Marcus Kaiser and Michael Pisaro). Alongside the recordings of the river as it flows down from Neufelden to the Danube, are performances by Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Marcus Kaiser, Radu Malfatti, André Möller, and Kathryn Pisaro. Pisaro has been working on the piece since 2011 and we are very happy to have it finally see the light of day.

More information to come closer to the release date.

Watch Michael Pisaro Discuss "Ricefall" in Short Documentary


Last month, Michael Pisaro's pieces were performed at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. One such piece was "Ricefall (1)", and you can watch Pisaro discuss it in a short documentary created by the Banff Centre above. Pisaro mentions that he made the piece in response to reading John Hull's Touching the Rock.

Last year, Peter Middleton and James Spinney directed a documentary about Hull entitled Notes on Blindness. The film went on to win the British Independent Film Award for Best Documentary. Earlier this year, Michael Pisaro had a collaborative album with Keith Rowe entitled 13 Thirteen released by Erstwhile Records. Pisaro also released Resting In A Fold Of The Fog via Potlatch.

Erstwhile Records Releases New Albums from Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto and Christian Wolff/Michael Pisaro

Erstwhile Records, Tone Glow's favorite record label of 2015, has just released pre-orders for two new albums. The first comes from Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto. It's entitled Earnest Rubbish and spans 40 minutes across three tracks. The album was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and Revert himself designed the cover. Earnest Rubbish marks the first time Revert has appeared on Erstwhile Records. The second new album comes from Christian Wolff and Michael Pisaro. It's entitled Looking Around and features two tracks, both of which are about 28 minutes long. The album was mastered by Joe Panzner and designed by Yuko Zama. You can stream the first two minutes of both albums above. Tracklists for both albums can be found below.

You can pre-order both albums by emailing Jon Abbey at erstrecs@aol.com. All orders will come with an instant digital download. Erstwhile Records is also hosting its annual sale. Aside from these two new albums, all releases on all imprints can be purchased at a discounted price. The sale will last through the end of February. More information can be found here.

Earnest Rubbish tracklist:

1. Secret Celebrity Facebook Accounts
2. Minor Ox
3. Making A Documentary

Looking Around tracklist:

1. Looking East
2. Looking West

Denis Sorokin Performs Michael Pisaro's "Mind Is Moving IX" on New Album from Intonema


Russian record label Intonema have just released their newest album. The album is composed by Michael Pisaro and performed by Denis Sorokin. According to the press release, this marks the first time an album from Russia has featured a performance of a Wandelweiser composer. Sorokin played the piece back in 2013 at the Teni Zvuka Festival. Sorokin has recorded multiple takes of the piece since and the recording that appears on this record was made this past June. An excerpt of the piece can be heard above. More information on the album can be found here. You can purchase the album at the bandcamp page here, on discogs here, or by contacting Intonema at info@intonema.org.

Michael Pisaro's A mist is a collection of points is Out Now

New World Records have just released A mist is a collection of points, the new record from composer Michael Pisaro. The album features Phillip Bush and Greg Stuart on piano and percussion, respectively, while Pisaro contributes sine tones. The physical CD can be purchased directly from the site here. On that page, you can listen to excerpts from the album and download the full liner notes written by Jennie Gottschalk. As of now, the album isn't available digitally but will be on iTunes in about three months.

Earlier this year, Michael Pisaro collaborated with Graham Lambkin on Schwarze Riesenfalter. He also contributed a score to Joseph Clayton Mills' Sifr project on Suppedaneum. There are also a slew of releases that Pisaro has lined up for 2016. These include two new albums on Gravity Wave, a collaboration with Christian Wolff for Erstwhile, and a 3-disc retrospective of piano works performed by Reinier van Houdt. More information on those releases can be found here.