Intonema Releases New Album from Phicus & Ilia Belorukov

Intonema Releases New Album from Phicus & Ilia Belorukov

A couple weeks ago, Intonema released an album from label founder Ilia Belorukov and Phicus. It's entitled K(nо́)t and features four tracks that total 40 minutes. Phicus is a Barcelona-based trio that's comprised of Ferran Fages, Àlex Reviriego, and Vasco Trilla. You can listen to an excerpt from the track "Endless Knot" above. You can purchase the digital album or the CD from the label's website here or their Bandcamp page here.

Stefan Thut's 'un/even and one' Out Now on Intonema


Russia-based label Intonema has just released a new album by Stefan Thut. It's entitled un/even and one and features a recording of a performance taken last June in Saint Petersburg. You can stream an excerpt from the piece above. The press release is as follows:

Intonema continues to produce works by Wandelweiser composers performed by Russian musicians. Stefan Thut, a Swiss composer and cello player, came to Saint Petersburg in June 2015 to present his new score "un/even and one" which Yuri Akbalkan, Anna Antipova, Ilia Belorukov, Andrey Popovskiy and Denis Sorokin performed with him. In this score Thut joined the sounds from transcribed language played through the surface of a moving cardboard box with acoustic and electronic instruments. Silence and sound mirror the interleaving of score, space, performer and instrumentalists.

You can find more information about un/even and one and purchase it on the Intonema website here. You can also purchase a digital copy of the album from the label's Bandcamp site here.

Denis Sorokin Performs Michael Pisaro's "Mind Is Moving IX" on New Album from Intonema


Russian record label Intonema have just released their newest album. The album is composed by Michael Pisaro and performed by Denis Sorokin. According to the press release, this marks the first time an album from Russia has featured a performance of a Wandelweiser composer. Sorokin played the piece back in 2013 at the Teni Zvuka Festival. Sorokin has recorded multiple takes of the piece since and the recording that appears on this record was made this past June. An excerpt of the piece can be heard above. More information on the album can be found here. You can purchase the album at the bandcamp page here, on discogs here, or by contacting Intonema at

Intonema Release Two New Albums

The Russia-based record label Intonema have announced two new releases. The first is 1 & 2, the debut album from Songs, a newly formed quartet whose members include Lucio Capece, Catherine Lamb, Rishin Singh, and Stine Sterne. Lucio Capece had previously released the excellent Less is Less - Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers on Intonema back in 2013 but this marks the first release on the label for the other three musicians. The album is made up of two compositions by Singh himself that make up the 46-minute runtime. You can hear a sample of the record, as well as purchase it here.

The second new release from Intonema comes from a trio made up of Gaudenz Badrutt, Ilia Belorukov, and Jonas Kocher. The three musicians had toured together around Russia last year and a recording of their performance in St. Petersburg makes up the material found on Rotonda (album cover above). You can watch a clip of their live show and purchase the album here. Both 1 & 2  and Rotonda are limited to 200 CDs.