New World Records

Michael Pisaro's A mist is a collection of points is Out Now

New World Records have just released A mist is a collection of points, the new record from composer Michael Pisaro. The album features Phillip Bush and Greg Stuart on piano and percussion, respectively, while Pisaro contributes sine tones. The physical CD can be purchased directly from the site here. On that page, you can listen to excerpts from the album and download the full liner notes written by Jennie Gottschalk. As of now, the album isn't available digitally but will be on iTunes in about three months.

Earlier this year, Michael Pisaro collaborated with Graham Lambkin on Schwarze Riesenfalter. He also contributed a score to Joseph Clayton Mills' Sifr project on Suppedaneum. There are also a slew of releases that Pisaro has lined up for 2016. These include two new albums on Gravity Wave, a collaboration with Christian Wolff for Erstwhile, and a 3-disc retrospective of piano works performed by Reinier van Houdt. More information on those releases can be found here.