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Tone Glow Launches Tone Glow Records, Announces New Vanessa Rossetto Album

Tone Glow Launches Tone Glow Records, Announces New Vanessa Rossetto Album

Tone Glow is excited to announce that it is launching a new record label today called Tone Glow Records. Its first release comes from one of the site’s favorite artists: Vanessa Rossetto. Rossetto’s album is entitled you & i are earth and features four tracks that span more than an hour. The album comes out this Friday, but you can stream the opening track “the dirt” now. The entire tracklist can be seen below.

“the dirt” premieres with a 23-minute music video created by Matthew Revert, which you can also see below. Pre-orders for you & i are earth are currently available on the Tone Glow Records Bandcamp page. You can find more information about the album on the same site. CDs will start shipping this Thursday. All news regarding Tone Glow Records will be posted on this site, but you can also keep up to date via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

While Tone Glow Records already has releases lined up, we are eager to receive submissions from artists who are interested in becoming part of the Tone Glow Records family. All are welcome to apply, but Tone Glow strongly encourages women, people of color, and LGBTQ artists to apply given their lack of representation in experimental music. All artists who are part of Tone Glow Records will receive financial support with regards to fees associated with mastering, mixing, cover art, and studio time. Send all questions and submissions to toneglowrecords (at) gmail (dot) com.

Watch a new Music Video for Matthew Revert & Vanessa Rossetto's "Secret Celebrity Facebook Accounts"


Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto have a new album entitled Earnest Rubbish coming out at the end of the month. Revert has created a music video for the first track off the album, "Secret Celebrity Facebook Accounts". You can watch the video above. Earnest Rubbish is getting released by Erstwhile Records and you can pre-order the album now on the label's website here. All pre-orders come with an instant digital download of the full album in lossless quality.

Graham Lambkin, Vanessa Rossetto, Sarah Hennies, and More Appear on Kendra Steiner Editions 10th Anniversary Album

Kendra Steiner Editions is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new compilation of new and exclusive tracks. That's the cover above and, as you can tell, the release will feature artists such as Graham Lambkin, Vanessa Rossetto, and Sarah Hennies. The album is currently available for $8 in the US or $12 elsewhere (postage paid). If you're interested in purchasing the album, money can be sent via PayPal to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Make sure to include your name, address, and the name of the item you're purchasing.

Erstwhile Records Releases New Albums from Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto and Christian Wolff/Michael Pisaro

Erstwhile Records, Tone Glow's favorite record label of 2015, has just released pre-orders for two new albums. The first comes from Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto. It's entitled Earnest Rubbish and spans 40 minutes across three tracks. The album was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and Revert himself designed the cover. Earnest Rubbish marks the first time Revert has appeared on Erstwhile Records. The second new album comes from Christian Wolff and Michael Pisaro. It's entitled Looking Around and features two tracks, both of which are about 28 minutes long. The album was mastered by Joe Panzner and designed by Yuko Zama. You can stream the first two minutes of both albums above. Tracklists for both albums can be found below.

You can pre-order both albums by emailing Jon Abbey at All orders will come with an instant digital download. Erstwhile Records is also hosting its annual sale. Aside from these two new albums, all releases on all imprints can be purchased at a discounted price. The sale will last through the end of February. More information can be found here.

Earnest Rubbish tracklist:

1. Secret Celebrity Facebook Accounts
2. Minor Ox
3. Making A Documentary

Looking Around tracklist:

1. Looking East
2. Looking West