RIP: Glenn Branca


Reg Bloor has confirmed on Facebook that Glenn Branca has passed away at the age of 69 from throat cancer. Glenn Branca studied theater at Emerson College during the early 70s and eventually founded an experimental theater group called Bastard Theatre with John Rehberger. Both Branca and Rehberger provided original compositions for the group's performances. He later moved to NYC and eventually started a group that would come to be known as Theoretical Girls.

Glenn Branca is best known for his work as a composer and guitarist. He was irrefutably important in shaping New York's no wave scene. Along with releases under his own name, Lesson No. 1 and The Ascension being his most popular, he started his own record label Neutral Records. The label would release albums from bands such as Sonic Youth, Y Pants, and Swans. He continued to compose symphonies throughout the following decades, his most recent being "Symphony No. 16 (Orgasm)". Listen to some of Branca's works below.