Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande Team Up as Open Corner on New Album from Recital


Recital has released a new album today which finds Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande collaborating under the name Open Corner. The album is entitled Empty Pool To No One and features six tracks that span nearly half an hour. You can listen to the third track "Arcadia" above. The CD is limited to 200 copies and can be purchased at the Recital website here.

Recital has also just reissued Sarah Davachi's Let Night Come On Bells End The Day on CD. It features an extended/complete version of "Hours in the Evening." You can purchase that album here. Recital has also reissued Cop Tears's Thirteen Harmonies, a performance of Cage pieces from Derek Baron, Cameron Kapoor, and Andrew Wilhite. The album was initially released on Baron's Reading Group label. You can purchase the new CD here.

1. Styrofoam Plate Still Life
2. A Mind On The Outs With Itself
3. Arcadia
4. Suture of Love
5. Floundering
6. Dancing With A Vacuum