Room40 Announces New Albums from Olivia Block, M. Geddes Gengras


Room40 has announced two new albums to be released in September. The first comes from Olivia Block and is entitled 132 Ranks. The piece was composed for the Skinner rgan at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in Chicago. The piece was performed in April of last year and featured six speakers placed throughout the chapel that played sounds that were meant to interact with the performance space. You can listen to an excerpt of the recording above. Pre-orders can be made on the Bandcamp page here. The album is out September 7th.

The second new release that Room40 has announced comes from M. Geddes Gengras. The two-disc album is called Light Pipe and features ten pieces that interact with the various interior and exterior spaces in which they were performed. You can listen to the third track from the album, "Nave", above. Pre-orders can be made on the Bandcamp page hereLight Pipe is out September 15th. Tracklists for both albums are below.

Room40's sister label A Guide To Saints also has two albums coming in September. The first comes from Vanessa Tomlinson and is entitled The Space Inside. The second comes from Julia Reidy and is entitled Beholder. You can listen to tracks and pre-order the albums on their respective Bandcamp pages here and here.

132 Ranks tracklist:

1. 132 Ranks

Light Pipe tracklist:

1. Mirror
2. Subway
3. Nave
4. Chancel
5. Water Study
6. Cherise
7. Irwin
8. Pinnacle
9. Vulture
10. Cherise (return)