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Tone Glow Launches New Film Review Section

Tone Glow Launches New Film Review Section

Starting today, Tone Glow is dedicating a section of its site to film reviews. Readers can expect coverage to be limited to contemporary films that are not receiving wide release and are primarily viewed at festivals around the world. Given the homogenization of film coverage across major publications, Tone Glow finds it beneficial to devote writing towards these lesser known films. Three film reviews have been published today: Johann Lurf's , Helena Wittmann’s Drift, and Aminatou Echard's Jamila. Extensive coverage of the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival will also appear soon.

Those who are interested in reviewing films for the site can contact Tone Glow at Please send examples of your writing in the email. Those who are accepted will be given access to screeners for films they are interested in reviewing. You will get paid per review.

Tone Glow Returns


Tone Glow returns today with the intent to provide coverage on contemporary experimental music. While everything is more or less the same as it was before, the site will now also feature a section entitled Glowing Recs (short for recommendations). The intent is to provide an update on music both new and old that I feel is worth checking out. These releases will not be accompanied by any text and will simply link to respective Discogs pages and sound clips if available. The Features section will continue but will have a broader focus that isn't limited to experimental music. Both of these changes will hopefully provide impetus to continue the existence of Tone Glow, even when I won't be able to review albums regularly. As a note, all news coverage and album reviews will still strictly focus on experimental music.

For now, we have a review of Alec Livaditis's Reticulate and an interview with the inimitable Mike Cooper. More to come soon. As always, thanks for reading.

Welcome to Tone Glow

Welcome to Tone Glow! Earlier this year, I started up a tumblr with occasional album reviews. The music I covered varied but from this point forth, most everything written on the site will focus on experimental music being created today. Short news articles will also be posted frequently as a way for readers of the site to stay up to date on new releases and tour dates.

With the launch of the site, I've published three reviews of albums from earlier this year that I feel were overlooked—No DiceHot Shaker Meet Lead Donut, and I hope you like the universe. Throughout the next week, I'll be publishing more reviews of albums from the past few months before covering newer releases.

If you're an artist or record label owner who is interested in contacting me for any reason, feel free to do so at Thanks for reading!