Tone Glow Returns


Tone Glow returns today with the intent to provide coverage on contemporary experimental music. While everything is more or less the same as it was before, the site will now also feature a section entitled Glowing Recs (short for recommendations). The intent is to provide an update on music both new and old that I feel is worth checking out. These releases will not be accompanied by any text and will simply link to respective Discogs pages and sound clips if available. The Features section will continue but will have a broader focus that isn't limited to experimental music. Both of these changes will hopefully provide impetus to continue the existence of Tone Glow, even when I won't be able to review albums regularly. As a note, all news coverage and album reviews will still strictly focus on experimental music.

For now, we have a review of Alec Livaditis's Reticulate and an interview with the inimitable Mike Cooper. More to come soon. As always, thanks for reading.