Tone Glow Returns, Seeks New Writers


Today, Tone Glow returns in full force. Throughout the next week or two, five different quarterly features will be posted. First up is a recap of the best Korean music released in the first three months of the year. Coming next are lists focused on rap, film, reissues, and experimental music. News posts will also be continuing starting today. Reviews are to come after the quarterly reports are posted. You can keep up with updates on Tone Glow via Twitter here.

Tone Glow is also seeking new writers who can write 500-1000 word album and film reviews. While the focus of this site has been on "eai" and its related scenes, feel free to pitch music that may sit outside of what the site usually covers. The only requirement is that reviews be of experimental music that isn't finding much coverage on any of the major publications. With regards to film reviews, Tone Glow would like to specifically review films that have limited runs or are without distribution; there are enough sites covering widely-released movies.

Writers will be compensated with $20 via PayPal. It's a modest amount, but all that the site can afford at the moment. Tone Glow has been solely operated by Joshua Minsoo Kim since its inception and expanding the site to other writers seems like the best course of action in order to keep discourse about unheralded experimental music and film alive.

If interested, please email with previous writing samples and the name of the film/album you would like to review. Feel free to pitch long-form articles as well.