Jamie Drouin

Notice Recordings Announce New Releases from Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen, Nick Hoffman


Notice Recordings are planning to release their second cassette batch of the year very soon. It features two new releases, the first of which is a recording from Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen. It's entitled Hidden Paradise and finds the two continuing to make subtle but cavernous ambient soundscapes. Earlier this year, the two released The Source on their own record label, Infrequency Editions.

The second release comes from Nick Hoffman. The album is entitled Salamander and finds the musician crafting electronic-based sound design that skitters but feels meditative all the same. Earlier this year, Hoffman released Parvae Harmoniae on his own Pilgrim Talk label. These albums mark the first time any of these artists have appeared on the label. You can listen to excerpts from both albums above via SoundCloud. Be on the look out for both releases on the Notice Recordings Bandcamp page soon.

Rhizome.s Releases Jamie Drouin's Attraction and Dominic Lash's Performance

Rhizome.s has just released two new albums. The first comes from Jamie Drouin and is entitled Attraction. It features a single, 54-minute piece which is "intended for repeat playback in a room with two speakers positioned at least 5 feet (1,5 meters) apart." It's a minimal and austere work comprised of sine tones and the like. The second new release comes from Dominic Lash and features performances of two works. One is Manfred Werder's "2 ausführende seiten 419-424" and the other is James Saunders' "overlay (1) / overlay (2)". Patrick Farmer and Tim Feeney also appear on the album. You can stream both albums above or on the Rhizome.s Bandcamp page. There, you'll be able to purchase digital copies of both releases. You can also attain physical releases by contacting the label at pedrochambel@live.com.pt or bruno_d@outlook.fr. More information can be found on the Rhizome.s website here.

Download the Remastered Edition of Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen's GARDEN_NIGHT


Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen started working together in the mid-90s and eventually ended up making their own record label, Infrequency Editions, in 2001. The two have just put up a remastered version of their 2003 album GARDEN_NIGHT as a free/pay what you want download on the label's bandcamp page here. The press release for the album is as follows:

This re-mastered Drouin & Olsen recording from 2003 is an intriguing document for two main reasons: 
First, as an example of the initial Infrequency experimental music concerts we presented at the Martin Batchelor Gallery in Victoria, BC Canada - even though our audience often consisted of one person, in this case, local artist Jeffrey Allport. 
Second, it is a reminder to Lance and myself that, no matter how far we feel our work has shifted over the intervening years, this early recording, made in a time of our relative naïveté (having only recently transitioned from visual artists to sound in 2000), and secluded from the outside sound art world, already contains a remarkable affinity to our current sensibilities. 
In these regards, GARDEN_NIGHT becomes a two-way mirror - allowing us to simultaneously look back, forward, and through our oeuvre. We hope you enjoy the process as well.

Earlier this month, Jamie Drouin released KICK 1 & 2. The album is based around the sound of a kick drum and "is intended as a repeating sculptural installation for two speakers." You can stream and purchase the recording here.