Infrequency Editions

Download the Remastered Edition of Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen's GARDEN_NIGHT


Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen started working together in the mid-90s and eventually ended up making their own record label, Infrequency Editions, in 2001. The two have just put up a remastered version of their 2003 album GARDEN_NIGHT as a free/pay what you want download on the label's bandcamp page here. The press release for the album is as follows:

This re-mastered Drouin & Olsen recording from 2003 is an intriguing document for two main reasons: 
First, as an example of the initial Infrequency experimental music concerts we presented at the Martin Batchelor Gallery in Victoria, BC Canada - even though our audience often consisted of one person, in this case, local artist Jeffrey Allport. 
Second, it is a reminder to Lance and myself that, no matter how far we feel our work has shifted over the intervening years, this early recording, made in a time of our relative naïveté (having only recently transitioned from visual artists to sound in 2000), and secluded from the outside sound art world, already contains a remarkable affinity to our current sensibilities. 
In these regards, GARDEN_NIGHT becomes a two-way mirror - allowing us to simultaneously look back, forward, and through our oeuvre. We hope you enjoy the process as well.

Earlier this month, Jamie Drouin released KICK 1 & 2. The album is based around the sound of a kick drum and "is intended as a repeating sculptural installation for two speakers." You can stream and purchase the recording here.