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Gabi Losoncy Releases "Ten Jokes About Intimacy" on YouTube

Gabi Losoncy Releases "Ten Jokes About Intimacy" on YouTube

Gabi Losoncy has released a new piece on YouTube and it’s entitled Ten Jokes About Intimacy. The piece spans 33 minutes and is described as an “album” in the description. You can listen to the track above via Gabi’s YouTube page. The piece contains percussive clanging, coughing, and some warbled rustling near its end. Stick around for the photo that appears approximately 20 minutes in. Last month, Gabi released “Spring and Summer” on the video platform.

Caduc Releases Gabi Losoncy's Nobody's Pushing You


Gabi Losoncy's newest album has just been released by caduc. It's entitled Nobody's Pushing You and you can hear an excerpt from it above. Last year, she released Judgment on the same label. Earlier this year, Losoncy released Security Besides Love via Recital. Nobody's Pushing You is limited to 100 copies and comes with a 12 page color booklet featuring Losoncy's own writing, photography, and art. You can order the album on the caduc. site here.

New Albums from Gabi Losoncy and Joda Clément Out Next Week on caduc.

caduc.'s first new albums of the year are coming out next week on March 15th. One record comes from Gabi Losoncy and is entitled Judgment. This marks the first time Losoncy has been on caduc. The second new album comes from Joda Clément and is entitled Sea Songs. Joe Panzner handled the mastering for Sea Songs. You can stream samples from both albums above under their respective album cover.

Both albums are limited to an edition of 100 CDs and come with a custom bookmark. You can pre-order the albums now on the caduc. site here. It's significant to mention that caduc. offers discounted prices for purchases involving two or more albums.

Gabi Losoncy Releases New 4-Disc Album

Gabi Losoncy has just released a new album simply titled 2015 and it's a 4 CD-r set that presumably continues her quotidian documentary-style of field recording. That's the album above housed in a mini manila folder. 2015 will be available to purchase from ErstDist shortly. (EDIT 3/31/2016 - All copies from ErstDist are now sold out). This album will be limited to 50 copies so reserve your order today. The tracklist for the album can be seen below. In other news, Gabi Losoncy is slated to appear on a future ErstAEU release with Matt Krefting. More news on that to follow as it develops.

2015 tracklist:

1-1. Kohl's 2
1-2. Outside June 22
1-3. Outside June 222
1-4. Sim Card
2-1. Test 1
2-2. 302,000,000
2-3. Newport Lot
2-4. Line 2
2-5. Line 3
3-1. Age 24 B
3-2. Filet Mignon
3-3. New Pressure Drop 2 Final
3-4. 100 New Garden
4-1. CCP Shooter

Gabi Losoncy Releases 'Two-Part YouTube Drama' Manhattan Story


Gabi Losoncy, who was one-half of the now-defunct Good Area, has just released a new 'two-part YouTube drama' entitled Manhattan Story. As with many of her other solo releases since Good Area's demise, Manhattan Story is a field recording-based work that's presented in an ostensibly straightforward manner. The release is split into two parts any you can hear both in full below. Those are the covers above.

In other news, Losoncy recently contributed a track to Nick Klein's Phormix Podcast. The track is called "302,000,000" and you can hear it here. Her track appears around 43:45. A Good Area track also appeared on Alien Passengers' Milk of the seer beast compilation. Next year, a collaborative album between Losoncy and Matthew Krefting will come out via ErstAEU.