Gabi Losoncy Releases 'Two-Part YouTube Drama' Manhattan Story


Gabi Losoncy, who was one-half of the now-defunct Good Area, has just released a new 'two-part YouTube drama' entitled Manhattan Story. As with many of her other solo releases since Good Area's demise, Manhattan Story is a field recording-based work that's presented in an ostensibly straightforward manner. The release is split into two parts any you can hear both in full below. Those are the covers above.

In other news, Losoncy recently contributed a track to Nick Klein's Phormix Podcast. The track is called "302,000,000" and you can hear it here. Her track appears around 43:45. A Good Area track also appeared on Alien Passengers' Milk of the seer beast compilation. Next year, a collaborative album between Losoncy and Matthew Krefting will come out via ErstAEU.