Gabi Losoncy Releases New 4-Disc Album

Gabi Losoncy has just released a new album simply titled 2015 and it's a 4 CD-r set that presumably continues her quotidian documentary-style of field recording. That's the album above housed in a mini manila folder. 2015 will be available to purchase from ErstDist shortly. (EDIT 3/31/2016 - All copies from ErstDist are now sold out). This album will be limited to 50 copies so reserve your order today. The tracklist for the album can be seen below. In other news, Gabi Losoncy is slated to appear on a future ErstAEU release with Matt Krefting. More news on that to follow as it develops.

2015 tracklist:

1-1. Kohl's 2
1-2. Outside June 22
1-3. Outside June 222
1-4. Sim Card
2-1. Test 1
2-2. 302,000,000
2-3. Newport Lot
2-4. Line 2
2-5. Line 3
3-1. Age 24 B
3-2. Filet Mignon
3-3. New Pressure Drop 2 Final
3-4. 100 New Garden
4-1. CCP Shooter