A.F. Jones

Nomad Exquisite Releases New Works by A.F. Jones and Seth Cooke

Nomad Exquisite is a recently started Chicago-based label that is committed to releasing short-form pieces from experimental artists. All releases will not exceed 13 minutes in total. These “miniatures” are “prompted by the brevity of life” and aim to provide a survey of contemporary experimental music.

The label has just put up two new releases, one of which is by A.F. Jones and the other by Seth Cooke. Jones’s piece is entitled larkspur, iron filings and was birthed from a period of change and uncertainty. He views the piece, however, as optimistic. A working out and working through of circumstances that have a final resolve. You can stream the album above and purchase it via the album’s Bandcamp page here.

Cooke’s release is entitled The Slip and features six tracks that all last two minutes and four seconds. The description for the album features numerous quotes that are derived from various sources. You can stream the album above and purchase it via its Bandcamp page here.

Earlier this year, Nomad Exquisite released four other miniatures. You can view the label’s entire catalogue here.

larkspur, iron fillings tracklist:
1. larkspur, iron fillings

The Slip tracklist:
1. L 361204 175438
2. K 361166 175435
3. A 361150 175220
4. J 361100 175148
5. M 361124 175116
6. B 361151 175253

Stream Samples from Two New Albums Released on caduc.

The consistent Vancouver-based record label caduc. have just released two new albums. The first is Hermit, a composition from Ryoko Akama that's performed by Cristián Alvear. Earlier this year, Alvear's disc on Rhizome.s featured an Akama composition entitled "line.ar.me". You can hear a snippet of the album above. The second new caduc. release comes from Steerage, a collaboration between A.F. Jones and Barry Chabala. The debut album from this duo is entitled entropy is what the state makes of it and you can stream one of its tracks above. A video for the same track can be viewed here as well. A.F. Jones released Repetend, Parallax with Derek Rogers back in March via Glistening Examples.

As with all caduc. releases, both Hermit and entropy come with their own specific bookmark. You can purchase both CDs here.