Áine O'Dwyer Releases New Album Beast Diaries


Áine O'Dwyer has released a new album entitled Beast Diaries. O'Dwyer states that the album is a "compilation of Guerrilla performances / field recordings from 2016" which was then compiled this year for a pipe organ tour throughout Australia and New Zealand. Beast Diaries is comprised of six tracks that run for a total of 35 minutes. You can "name the price" on your download of the album on her Bandcamp page here. There are also 10 physical copies of the album available for £30 each. If interested, you can contact her via the "Contact Áine O'Dwyer" link located on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Earlier this year, O'Dwyer released LP reissues of Gegenschein and Locusts via Penultimate Press. MIE also released Gallarais.

Beast Diaries tracklist:

1. ghostyard
2. Genieve
3. tanoy reflections towards the hills
4. knownunknown
5. synthpipe
6. birthyard