Midori Takada and Masahiko Sato's Lunar Cruise Gets Reissue


In Discogs' 2017 Mid-Year Review, it was revealed that the reissue of Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass was the highest selling new release of the year on the marketplace. Given its success, it only seems natural that WRWTFWW Records would decide to reissue Takada's collaboration with Masahiko Sato, Lunar Cruise. The album was originally released in 1990 on CD and is getting reissued on vinyl for the very first time. You can pre-order the CD or Deluxe Vinyl Edition on the label's Bandcamp page here. The reissue comes out September 15th.

As a note, the Deluxe Vinyl Edition comes with a CD that features an "extra track". This extra track, however, appeared on the original CD and was entitled "Iron Paradise". It's presumably taken off the LP as it shies away from the minimalism of the other tracks. What's unclear, though, is whether it's the first or second version that appeared on the original CD that's included since the label's SoundCloud album preview doesn't feature either. Even then, know that only one of the two versions appears on the CD. Lunar Cruise track "Madorone" features Haruomi Hosono on bass and Kazutoki Umezu on sax and clarinet.

Lunar Cruise Deluxe Vinyl Edition tracklist:

A1. Nahm
A2. Ancient Palace
A3. A Vanished Illusion
A4. Jyomuran
A5. Monody
B1. In "D"
B2. Madorone
B3. Chang-Dra
B4. Lunar Cruise

Lunar Cruise CD tracklist:

1. Iron Paradise
2. Nahm
3. Ancient Palace
4. A Vanished Illusion
5. Jyomuran
6. Monody
7. In "D"
8. Madorone
9. Chang-Dra
10. Lunar Cruise