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Áine O'Dwyer Launches New Publishing Imprint Cloch and Releases New Book 'Poems for play'

Áine O'Dwyer Launches New Publishing Imprint Cloch and Releases New Book 'Poems for play'

Áine O'Dwyer has launched a new publishing imprint called Cloch. Its first release comes from herself and is entitled Poems for play. The announcement for the imprint and book is as follows:

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new publishing imprint Cloch, and the release of my new book ‘Poems for play’.

“‘Poems for play’ collects thirty-six scores composed for the Jesuit Monastery and its surrounding environment, in the town of Ano Syros on the island of Syros, Greece. ‘Poems for play’ pays homage to the specificity of time and place, with a titular nod to the duality of meaning: 'to enjoy oneself by interacting with one's surroundings', vs ‘the realisation of creative form through the choreography of social poetics, and the mechanics of body/building as instrument.”

‘Poems for play’ is a FSC certified 46-page A5 publication, on perfect bound Indigo Arcoprint stock, in a signed/numbered edition of 100 copies. Each book is £15.00 (plus postage/packing). Please contact me for rates. 

I will be traveling until Nov 10th but all enquiries/orders will be addressed on my return. Thanks for your patience!

As to how one can contact Áine about the book, one can presumably do so by messaging her Facebook artist page here.

Graham Lambkin and Áine O'Dwyer Announce New Collaborative Album


Erstwhile Records has just announced that a new collaborative album between Graham Lambkin and Áine O'Dwyer is to come in 2018. This marks the first time O'Dwyer will be featured on the label. Erstwhile had the following text accompanying the announcement:

Áine O’Dwyer and Graham Lambkin are multi-disciplinary artists whose work explores the nexus between music, text, illustration, theater, and the dissolution of the audience/performer divide. Both individually and in collaboration they have explored the latent potential of acoustical space, transforming both fantastical and mundane environments into aesthetic centrums of possibility.

O'Dwyer and Lambkin began their collaborative endeavors in December 2016 with a performance at the First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, NY, and have since gone on to present their work in London at Cafe OTO and the Horse Hospital, and most recently on the Greek island of Syros where they were the invited artists in residence for the 10 day Sound Paths workshop. 

The pair will be visiting Ireland this September to undertake the creation of a topographical 'sound map' connecting real and imagined Irish heritages through a series of localized site-specific performances that mark O'Dwyer's first homeland concerts in over a year, and Lambkin's debut in the country. The resultant work will see publication in 2018 through the esteemed Erstwhile label.

Graham Lambkin released an album with Taku Unami entitled The Whistler earlier this year. Lambkin is also slated to have a release with Michael Pisaro and another with Jürg Frey for Erstwhile Records. Áine O'Dwyer recently released Beast Diaries via her Bandcamp page.


Áine O'Dwyer Releases New Album Beast Diaries


Áine O'Dwyer has released a new album entitled Beast Diaries. O'Dwyer states that the album is a "compilation of Guerrilla performances / field recordings from 2016" which was then compiled this year for a pipe organ tour throughout Australia and New Zealand. Beast Diaries is comprised of six tracks that run for a total of 35 minutes. You can "name the price" on your download of the album on her Bandcamp page here. There are also 10 physical copies of the album available for £30 each. If interested, you can contact her via the "Contact Áine O'Dwyer" link located on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Earlier this year, O'Dwyer released LP reissues of Gegenschein and Locusts via Penultimate Press. MIE also released Gallarais.

Beast Diaries tracklist:

1. ghostyard
2. Genieve
3. tanoy reflections towards the hills
4. knownunknown
5. synthpipe
6. birthyard