Rafael Toral

Stream New Albums from Loren Chasse and Rafael Toral

Notice Recordings have just released their final pair of albums for the year. One release comes from Portland musician Loren Chasse and is entitled The Sodden Floor. The album was recorded from 2011-2014 and is comprised of four intimate drones. The other new release comes from Rafael Toral and is a live recording taken from his set with drummer Alfonso Simões at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2010. The album is called Space Collective 2 Live. You can read press releases for both albums below.

Loren Chasse - The Sodden Floor:

Portland, Ore. musician and naturalist Loren Chasse has a long and varied history within the more organic and textural branches of drone and sound art. Comprising pregnant field recordings, tense drone whispers, and wispy layers of texture, The Sodden Floor’s dark superimpositions drift between momentary dread and almost childlike abstraction. They seem composed with an eye on cinema: sounds drift into focus and then cut or pan away; the resulting shifts constitute a dreamlike presence only sustainable within an ephemeral world, one documented with a half-awake awareness — leaving or coming — but always accepting the flittering yet immovable mise-en-scène aesthetic of non-existence. 

Rafael Toral - Space Collective 2 Live:

Space Collective 2 Live commemorates Portuguese musician Rafael Toral’s first U.S. tour in several years. Since the 1990s, Toral has been primarily known for his guitar work, but has since been working on the Space Program project, within which he has probed visceral and personal components of electronic music performance, and how they relate to the performer's experience, not to the resultant product.

These recordings, taken from a live set at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2010, find Toral performing with drummer Alfonso Simões, developing sparse, deep textures with triggers and modular oddities. Smartly paced and absolutely blistering at times, this set touches on a variety of surprising tones: flute-like expressions, spacey warbles, and intricately patterned arpeggios that dissolve into drone sections with confrontational sonic palettes. 

You can stream both albums above or on the label's bandcamp page here. Both releases are limited to 100 copies and come with an immediate digital download. Digital copies will become available at a reduced price once the physical cassettes are sold out.