Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford's Fellfield Draff Out Now on Hideous Replica


Hideous Replica have just released their newest album and it's entitled Fellfield Draff. The album features three collaborative works from Daniel Bennett and Stephen Cornford, which marks the first time either artist has appeared on the label. Fellfield Draff was recorded in Briston throughout 2013 and 2014 and mastered by Joe Panzner. You can listen to a sample from the album above via Hideous Replica's Soundcloud page. The album is limited to 100 CDs and can be purchased here. The tracklist for the album can be found below.

Hideous Replica are also having a sale throughout the entire month of January. The sale includes all previously released (and currently available) albums on both the main label and the 'Wasted Capital Since 2013' sublabel. More information on the sale can be found here.

Fellfield Draff tracklist:

1. Fell (6:29)
2. Field (9:35)
3. Draff (16:08)

Watch Videos of Live Performances from Cristián Alvear, Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, and Clive Henry

Artwork by Rachael Elwell

Artwork by Rachael Elwell

On September 30th, Bang the Bore hosted a show which featured performances from Cristián Alvear, Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, and Clive Henry. Alvear premiered Radu Malfatti's shizuka ni furu ame while the latter three—who help run Bang the Bore—were there for the final date of their UK tour. Art from one of their tour posters is above. The Bang the Bore website has just posted videos of all four performances from that night and you can watch them below. More information on the artists and the event can be found here.