Coppice Release New Album Matches

The ever-prolific duo Coppice have just released a new album called Matches. It's out on their own label 'Category of manifestation:' and described as a "story with many holes". This marks the fourth album they've released this year, the others being Cores/Eruct, Spans: Three Perspectival Accounts, and Bypass Ideal. Matches was composed between 2009-2015 and was recorded primarily in Chicago and Reykjavík. The Saga Edition of the CD is limited to 100 copies and comes in a jewel case with metal mesh, colored thread, and transparencies. You can listen to a teaser of the album which has excerpts from all seven tracks here. The tracklist and a video for album closer "Caper" are below. You can purchase Matches here.



1. Held Cascade (1:24)
2. Bromine (6:14)
3. Labile Form (3:41)
4. Discharge Form (4:48)
5. Subparallel Episode (0:31)
6. Bramble (10:04)
7. Caper (7:15)