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Pre-orders for Sarah Hennies' 'Gather & Release' are Now Available

Sarah Hennies is releasing a new album on Coppice's label, Category of manifestation:. The album is entitled Gather & Release and will be out on in April. You can listen to excerpts from the album's two tracks above. The press release for Gather & Release is as follows:

Gather & Release is the result of years worth of composer Sarah Hennies’ exploration of the vibraphone in synthesis with her experiences of identity, obsession, anxiety, tension, grief, and loss.

Over the course of an hour, Hennies entangles highly focused percussion playing with field recordings, sine waves, signifiers from her personal & family history (including a 20+ year old recording of her grandfather reciting poetry), and bilateral stimulation, a tool for anxiety release and a major component of EMDR therapy (a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on relieving the patient of disturbing memories as a treatment for psychopathology).

The limited edition CD will come in hand-sewn packaging. You can find more information about Gather & Release, as well as pre-order it on the label website here

Coppice Release New Album Matches

The ever-prolific duo Coppice have just released a new album called Matches. It's out on their own label 'Category of manifestation:' and described as a "story with many holes". This marks the fourth album they've released this year, the others being Cores/Eruct, Spans: Three Perspectival Accounts, and Bypass Ideal. Matches was composed between 2009-2015 and was recorded primarily in Chicago and Reykjavík. The Saga Edition of the CD is limited to 100 copies and comes in a jewel case with metal mesh, colored thread, and transparencies. You can listen to a teaser of the album which has excerpts from all seven tracks here. The tracklist and a video for album closer "Caper" are below. You can purchase Matches here.



1. Held Cascade (1:24)
2. Bromine (6:14)
3. Labile Form (3:41)
4. Discharge Form (4:48)
5. Subparallel Episode (0:31)
6. Bramble (10:04)
7. Caper (7:15)