Erstwhile Records Announce New Five Disc Jürg Frey Album


Erstwhile Records has just announced a new album for its ErstClass imprint. It's by Jürg Frey and entitled l'àme est sans retenue I. According to Google Translate, it means "the soul is unrestrained". The album is composed of a single piece that lasts approximately six hours and spans five discs. It's the longest piece Frey has written in his 40+ years of composing and is also the longest piece on any Erstwhile imprint. It's also the first archival release for the record label. Erstwhile owner Jon Abbey states that the album will hopefully be released in October.

Earlier this year, Frey released Ephemeral Constructions on Edition Wandelweiser Records.

It was previously stated that the above picture was the album cover; it is merely a promotional image.