Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt Release New Album 'Brace Up!'


Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt have teamed up once again for a new collaborative record. It’s entitled Brace Up! and marks the first time that the duo have released a studio album together. It was recorded earlier this year in Brussels and is being released by Orcutt’s own Palilalia Records. The album contains 12 tracks that span 32 minutes and you can stream all of it above via Orcutt’s Bandcamp page. You can also purchase the LP at Forced Exposure here.

Brace Up! tracklist:
1. Brace Up!
2. Amp vs Drum
3. Double Bind
4. She Punched a Hole in the Moon for Me
5. Poundland Frenzy
6. Clapton’s Complaint
7. Bargain Sounds
8. Paranoid Time
9. The Secret Engine of History
10. Love and Open Windows
11. He Do the Police in Different Voices
12. Paris Spleen