Aerophonic Records Releases Two New Albums


The Chicago-based Aerophonic Records has released two new albums. As with everything else on the label, both records feature label founder Dave Rempis. The first release is entitled Empty Castles and is performed by Spectral, a horn trio featuring Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, and David Ochs. The album was recorded in a munitions bunker located in Vallejo, California.

The second album is entitled Dodecahedron and features Dave Rempis and Tim Daisy. A number of guests are featured on the release: Jason Adasiewicz, Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Swell, Katie Young, and Aaron Zarzutzki. You can listen to both albums above or via the Aerophonics Records Bandcamp page here. The physical CDs can be purchased on the label's website here.

Empty Castles tracklist:

1. Dirt Angels
2. This Is Not Vermont
3. Luminal
4. Brooklyn Took It
5. Splash Zone
6. Protest Portal
7. Little Hymn
8. Bunker
9. Gravity Corridor

Dodecahedron tracklist:

2-1, DRS I
2-2. DLHR I
2-3. DRZ
2-4. BDR I
2-5. DRY
2-6. ADR
2-7. DLHR II
2-8. BDR II
2-9. DRS II