Room40 to Release New Collaborative Album from Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda


Room40 are set to release a new album from Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda next week on November 2nd. The album is entitled Ke I Te Ki and features three tracks that were recorded in 2015 at The Emily Harvey Foundation. This marks the duo’s first release since their collaborative album ma ta ta bi in 2014 on Oral. In Japanese, the title of this new album refers to the sound of an alarm and was suggested by Akio Suzuki as a reminder for the two to continue pushing themselves further, questioning norms and exploring new possibilities.

Aki Onda described the album as such:

My role was to set an assortment of “scenes” with field recordings, sustained drones generated by an industrial electric fan, and electronic tones and pulses from radios, et cetera. Akio then built upon these with layers of melodies and rhythmic patterns, while we both engaged in fabricating distinctive texture and timbre. Akio kept changing his instruments—such as the Analapos, the stone flute, discarded objects, et cetera—bringing surprises and sudden changes, creating contrast and powerful tension. 

You can stream the first, titular track above via the label’s Bandcamp page. Pre-orders for the digital album and the physical CD are also available on the same page.

Ke I Te Ki tracklist:
1. Ke I Te Ki
2. Yo Ru No To Ba Ri
3. Hi Ka Ri