Falt Releases New Cassette Batch: Bruno Duplant, kNN, Matthew Atkins, and Mark Lyken


Falt has released its new batch of limited cassettes that are also all available for free digital streaming via the label’s Bandcamp page. The first album comes from Bruno Duplant and is entitled Ruptures & Continuités. The album was composed with material recorded with a cell phone and a bit of synthesizer that was then all filtered into a small tape recorder. You can purchase the cassette here.

The second new album comes from kNN and is entitled Several Audio Tests For Magnetophones And Magnetic Tapes. The cassette is comprised of four tracks that run for approximately nine minutes. As a note, the B side contains the same audio as the A side. While short, these pieces are heartening in their simplicity. You can find more information about the release and purchase it here

The third new album comes from Matthew Atkins and is entitled Cryptic System. The album spans 24 minutes across its two sides and features a delicate collage of sounds including synthesizers and found objects. You can purchase the album here.

The final new album from Falt comes from Mark Lyken and is entitled Green Above The Blades. The release contains three tracks across its two sides that span 38 minutes. The description for the album lists numerous objects that were used for the recordings, including daffodils, milk bottles, gameboys, and contact mics. You can purchase the album here.

Ruptures & Continuités tracklist:
1. Ruptures
2. Continuités

Several Audio Tests For Magnetophones And Magnetic Tapes tracklist:
1. untitled 1
2. untitled 2
3. untitled 3
4. untitled 4

Cryptic System tracklist:
1. CS Part 1
2. CS Part 2

Green Above The Blades tracklist:
1. Green Above The Blades A1
2. Green Above The Blades A2
3. Green Above The Blades A3