b-boim Releases New Album Composed by Radu Malfatti, Performed by Cristián Alvear

Despite having released two albums earlier this year, Chilean guitarist Cristián Alvear shows no signs of stopping. Radu Malfatti's b-boim label has just announced the release of its new album entitled shizuka ni furu ame, which roughly translates to quiet, sparse falling rain. The piece was composed by Malfatti and written specifically for Alvear. Those interested in purchasing the record can do so by emailing radu.malfatti@chello.at. Malfatti also released One Man and a Fly on Cathnor earlier this year.

On September 28th, Alvear will be performing the piece later this month at Café Kino in Bristol. The show will also feature performances from Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, and Clive Henry. He will also be performing shizuka in Wrocław, Poland on October 6th for the 'XI Festiwal Muzyki Teatralnej' and at 'Centrum Amarant' in Poznan the following day.

Alvear will be performing numerous shows in the next few months. All those dates can be found here.