Speculations Editions Release Firm Moonlight, the New Album from Elynor Freyss

The young Speculations Editions label had their inaugural release back in February. We're closing in on September and they're already at their tenth release. A handful of albums have involved founders Matt Earnshaw and Josh Adam Acosta but there have been a few one-off releases from relatively unknown musicians. Their tenth release is as such, and features newcomer Elynor Freyss. It's entitled Firm Moonlight and is considerably different from A History of Powersilence, a conceptual album which "profile[d] the quiet content of seminal Powerviolence discographies" released back in April. While primarily a guitarist, Firm Moonlight  finds Freyss branching out in sound once again as field recordings, musique concrète, and ambient drones make up the bulk of these six tracks. Firm Moonlight  was mastered by Taku Unami and can be downloaded in FLAC here. The tracklist is below.


Firm Moonlight:

1. Lazare
2. To Hold Firm
3. Evergreen Plots
4. Kilgore on the Nightstand
5. Quilts and Diesel
6. Crabtree Falls

[Disclaimer: Artists who have released albums on Speculations Editions are close friends with Tone Glow]