Tone Glow is a music blog. I initially started writing on tumblr but decided to switch to my own site for the purpose of providing news on experimental music. While I wrote about other styles of music there, all news and reviews will focus specifically on the avant-garde from this point forward. Year end lists are, for now, the only foreseeable exceptions.

We’re living in a time where we can consume art at an extraordinarily fast rate. While incredibly useful and exciting, this constant flow of new music has often prevented me from spending time with, and thinking critically about what I engage with. As a result, this blog is an attempt at writing down my thoughts as a way to better understand why I like the music I do. At the same time, I hope to shed some light on artists and records that don't receive much press elsewhere on the Internet.

If you're an artist or record label owner that releases music similar to what's being covered here, feel free to contact me regarding any news or requests for album reviews. However, please understand that I do have a busy schedule and can't cover everything. As a result, I will only be writing about music I enjoy and feel I can competently write about. I prefer digital promotional copies as it's more time-efficient and saves you money on postage.