Will Guthrie

Will Guthrie's New Album Sacrée Obsession Out Now on iDEAL Recordings

Sacrée Obsession, the new album from percussionist Will Guthrie is out now on iDEAL Recordings. This is his first album released on the Swedish record label and features two recordings taken in France. The pieces are characteristically dark but both have their own flair to them. The first piece, entitled "Timelapse", puts greater emphasis on a loud/soft dynamic and its pacing makes it sound ceremonial, even mystical at times. The second piece, entitled "Pacemaker", takes shape as a long-form drone in which the physicality of Guthrie's drums appears in the forefront. You can hear samples of both pieces here and here. Visit this link to read more info and purchase the LP. Guthrie is also on tour right now, you can check the dates below.


13 September, solo - Festival Muse en Troc, Le Landreau, FR
19 September, w/ WAV2 - Ainu Fest, Montaigu, FR
2 October, solo - Festival Send & Receive, Winnipeg, CAN
4 October, solo - Casa del Popollo, Montréal, CAN
5 October, solo - Montréal, CAN
10 October, solo - Centre Barbara, Paris, FR
15 October, w/ Oren Ambarchi - London, UK
28 October, w/ Oren Ambarchi - Berlin, DL