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Listen to an Excerpt from Prune Bécheau's Upcoming Album Stries ton, tripes et poils


Weighter Recordings just posted an excerpt from Prune Bécheau's upcoming album Stries ton, tripes et poils. It comes from album closer "zzffk zzffk," and you can listen to it above. Bécheau plays Baroque violin on the track and throughout the entire record. A release date for the album has not been announced yet. You can see the tracklist below.

Last year, Bécheau released an album for Penultimate Press as a member of Pancrace. She also released solo music earlier in the decade, freely available to hear on her Bandcamp page here.

Stries ton, tripes et poils tracklist:

1. introduction
2. tlelel letl
3. geqze tulilu
4. hgjh hgjh
5. fsiu fsiu fsiu
6. lui tsk ui
7. thschjre
8. zzffk zzffk

Listen to an Excerpt from Matt Sargent's Upcoming Album Ghost Music


Weighter Recordings will be releasing three new albums this year, one of which is NY-based composer Matt Sargent's Ghost Music. The composition is 61 minutes long and was written in 2008. The piece was performed by Bill Solomon in 2015. You can listen to an excerpt from the album above.

Sargent was recently commissioned to write a piece for the Switch~ Ensemble. Last year, Sargent released "Second Illumination," a piece for eight glockenspiels. You can hear a recording of that piece here.