Stolen Mirror

Stolen Mirror Releases New Album From Fergus Kelly


Ireland-based label Stolen Mirror has released a new album from Fergus Kelly entitled Neural Atlas. The fifth track from the album can be streamed above and you can see the tracklist for the album below. The press release for the album is as follows:

As we walk the city, we are immersed in complex electromagnetic fields, emanating from cell phones, mobile computers, cash points, and security systems. Like blind deep-sea fish, we swim in this ocean of radiation, unaware that it permeates the air we breath, irradiating our skin, penetrating our cells.

Composer Fergus Kelly is well known for his powerful interpretations of field recordings. For Neural Atlas, fellow sound artist Robin Parmar provided a collection of electromagnetic recordings, gathered from laptop computers, transformer substations, digital cameras, and other devices. From these sources, Kelly has created a powerful series of glitched and distorted signals, rich in depth and tonality. The title of the CD hints that this sonic atlas might be a map of an overloaded nervous system.

Neural Atlas is limited to 100 copies and can be purchased from the Stolen Mirror website here.


Neural Atlas tracklist:

1. First Node (7:34)
2. Second Node (6:40)
3. Third Node (4:30)
4. Fourth Node (10:04)
5. Fifth Node (8:33)
6. Sixth Node (13:52)