Sacred Realism

Johnny Chang Performs Peter Ablinger in New Album from Sacred Realism


Sacred Realism didn't release anything in 2015 but they're kicking off 2016 with a brand new album from Peter Ablinger. This album features a performance of "Augmented Study (2012)" for 16 violins by Wandelweiser affiliate Johnny Chang. The piece runs about an hour long and was mixed and mastered by Ablinger himself. "Augmented Study (2012)" is one of numerous pieces in Ablinger's Augmented Studies series. These compositions specifically focus on the "tension between redundancy of material and complexity of experience." You can hear a snippet from the album above. This specific performance by Chang is considered a 'study version' and was never intended to be performed live. The final version of the composition calls for only 7 violins and is 24 minutes in length. You can listen to one such recording of the finalized composition by Erik Carlson on his Bandcamp page.

Augmented Study (2012) can be purchased on the Sacred Realism website here.