Neil Luck

Entr’acte Announces New Albums from Musarc/Neil Luck and Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli


Entr'acte has announced two new albums that will be coming out within the next two months. The first finds the London-based choral ensemble Musarc performing pieces by composer Neil Luck. The album is entitled Bloody Sirens and was recorded in 2015. The album comes out May 11th. You can pre-order the LP and find more information about it on the Entr'acte site here.

The second new album comes from Hanno Leichtmann and Valerio Tricoli. The album is entitled la Casa delle Chimere and will be released in June. You can listen to excerpts from both albums above. Purchasing info for la Casa delle Chimere can be found on the Entr'acte site here.