Miki Yui

Miki Yui's Newest Album Mills Out Now on Cuspeditions

Miki Yui's Newest Album <i>Mills</i> Out Now on Cuspeditions

Cuspeditions has released the newest album from Miki Yui. It's entitled Mills and features seven tracks spanning a total of 37 minutes. The album features Yui working with "field recordings, synthesizer, solar oscillator, and sampler." The press release describes Mills as saying, "Miki Yui’s harnessing of solar energy, both materially and symbolically, feels like a joyous salute to the sun in all its manifestations."

You can listen to the full album via the label's Bandcamp page here. You can purchase the digital album on the same page. The LP is currently available via Boomkat (UK) and Norman Records (UK).