Kieran Daly

Kieran Daly Releases New Untitled Album

Kieran Daly Releases New Untitled Album

Kieran Daly has released a new album on Bandcamp. Like his album from last month, this new record is untitled. The album contains 11 songs that feature classical and jazz music presented in a manner both mystical and humorous. All tracks were recorded between May 2016 and November 2018. You can stream the whole thing above via his Bandcamp page. It’s available as a “name your price” download as well.

Kieran Daly Collaborates with Jophnie Advar on New Album


Florida musician Kieran Daly has a new album with Jophnie Advar out now on Madacy Jazz. The album is entitled For Four Days and features sixteen tracks that continue to show Daly's interest in evaluating specific genres on their environmental function. Here, Daly and Advar perform tracks derived from jazz standards while also performing three compositions by Lee Konitz, Thelonious Monk, and Lennie Tristano. Like Daly's release on Gauss PDF last year, there's a definite dry humor at play that makes the album a surprising treat. You can stream For Four Days above and download the entire album on the Madacy Jazz Bandcamp page here.

Daly has previously released two albums on futow and a cassette on Bánh Mì Verlag. He will also be a part of Sam Sfirri's upcoming -273.15ºC  on Dromos.